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Senior Manager – Finance & Accounts  10+ yrs Exp   Bangalore  |   Dot Net Developers  3+ yrs Exp Chennai  | Drupal Developers  2 to 4 yrs of Exp   Chennai  |  Shopify Developers   3+ yrs Exp   Chennai  



Skillfort is an innovative platform bridge Corporates and Agencies for People on Demand. Carrying plenty of opportunities for both to get excited, thus supporting to focus on core business. Skillfort has been invented in the year 2013. For more than 3 years thorough Research on Market and Technical viabilities been carried out to ensure the successful implementation of the innovation.

Experimented in different form and supported three Agencies to get 7 positions closed in a month’s time. Skillfort is the first platform to generate more Contract staffing transactions and this will be the trend in future.

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Training helps maintain visibility and encourage belonging. Various survey results found that only 35% of the corporate employees are aware about their organization’s Goals and Strategies. Key to engagement at work is having a feeling of sense of belonging and this originates from understanding the internal climate and environment of the organization. We strongly believe that training promotes employee engagement. Training is a key factor for a smooth transition in any organization.

In order to facilitate the corporate to find the Best Coach / Trainer for their various training programs, Alfortz enable both Trainer and Corporate to get connected through our platform

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Assessment is the critical phase of learning process. We are sure that the individuals who know the feeling of anticipation when he / she is about to take the competitive exam. It’s all about practice regularly to keep ahead of competitions. Assessment affects many facets of education / preparation in building the career life.

Based on our personal and professional experiences we @ McOxley come up with a solution to help the individuals who are trying to equip themselves towards their aspiring career. The respective individual can select their choice of courses and can assess their preparations.

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