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Technical Architect  7 years Exp,  Chennai  |   Senior Software Engineers – ASP.NET, C#  4 - 7 yrs Exp,  Chennai  |   Data Conversion Team Lead  3+ yrs Exp,  Chennai  |  Executive Assistant   3 to 5 yrs of Exp,   Chennai  |   Document Writer  5+ Yrs Exp,   Chennai | Freelance WordPress Developers   Web & UI Designer   1+ year Exp,   Chennai  

Welcome to McOxley

We are an innovative Human Resources Management solutions company with a focus on Building Organizations and providing critical insights to our clients that help to get competent intellectuals and retain their Top Notch talents for their short-term and long-term transformational strategies


Hire the competent talents through our inventive approach. Proactive, quick turnaround and control the overheads

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Innovative market place platform, connects demand and supply and get the right fits on time

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Your searches for LMS ends here. Find the perfect system for A to Z in trainings

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Regular practice make yourself perfect and stand out from the crowd

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Our Value Propositions

Building an Organization: We know the values of business & people. Creating positive culture in an organization is our passion
Partnering with Clients: We shoulder the responsibilities of our clients, since we understand the Operations and Constraints of the corporate world better
Customized Solutions: We design the solutions which will fit for both long-term and short-term strategies of an organization
Over Heads Management: We go extra mile to provide solutions to our clients to control the costs which will support them for their growth plan

Our Key Offerings


McOxley is India’s leading HR Management Consulting Company provides the Best Strategic Business Consulting & Human Resources Management solutions across the Global


Hiring of any Executive @ CXOs level or Senior Professionals for an organization is most critical event because so much rides on a positive outcome. It should be a systematic methodology to identify and select for this level


McOxley provides Contract staffing on C2C and C2H business model for both IT & Non-IT Companies across India. Our candidates have been well trained by us for both Technical and Communications skills


Human Resource functions deal with different dynamics when it comes to Start-up / SME growth plan. While promoter(s) plans to follow a victorious route, there is a definite need to work on the change management


Now-a-days, outsourcing the non-core activities of an organization is the top business trend. The top advantageous of outsourcing your pay-roll activities will help you to ensure about your compliances and disbursements on time


Training and Development for every level in an organization will be the ultimate tool to help both employees and business in difficult times and increase individual productivity in general. Focussed trainings will add values to your business


An effective performance management system facilitates the improvement of the overall organizational performance. When both performances of teams and individuals are managed well, this will ensure the growth of the Organization


Our Job Board page will display the current opportunities available across the globe and candidates can share the profile in word document in the specified email ID. For foreign opportunities, please watch this space very regularly