An effective performance management system facilitates the improvement of the overall organizational performance. When both performances of teams and individuals are managed well, this will ensure the attainment of overall objectives of an organization.

Also performance management process will make the employees to understand the expectations on the role against the goals and under what base these expectations will be measured. This will help the employees to develop their skills and perform on the roles without any gaps.

Impact of Performance Management Process

  • Influence the job satisfaction of an employee
  • Hemp the employees to understand the organizarional expectations out of each and every role & its importance at the organizational level
  • Providing an open feedback about the performance of an employee, will improve the loyalty of the employee
  • Recognizing and rewarding good performance in an organization will develop the morale of the employees
  • Facilitate to understand the opportunities for career growth
  • Work towards retention of the maximum talents.

McOxley helps organizations on the following for Performance Management

  • Develop an effective customized performance management process
  • Train both HR & Managers on the performance management
  • Train the employees on performance appraisal
  • Undertake outsourcing of end to end Performance Management process
  • Implementation of Synergita – Performance Management software

Synergita – Performance Management Software

  • McOxley strongly recommends use of Synergita to measure the performance levels of employees.
  • Help you to bring performance management closer to people and closer to business.
  • It is a Modern, simple and easy to use software.
  • Unique way of Goal setting and performance reviews.
  • Continuous feedback & recognition.
  • Effective contributions for Employee Engagement to increase the touch points.
  • Various Analytic Reports to work for development of people and retention.
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